Retanning Resin rev.0 from 08/11/13


AspectViscous Liquid
ColourDark brown
pH (sol. 10%)3.9 ± 0.4
Active Matter38 % ± 1.0
SolubilitySoluble in water


Alfasin Z is a high concentrated, acrylic type copolymer.
The product is a dark brown colour liquid showing high viscosity.

Thanks to his characteristics, ALFASIN Z is suitable for retannage of leathers dyed with deep colour shades.

It is compatible with all kind of anionic products such as syntans, stuffing and dyestuffs.
It penetrates and spreads very quickly into the leather at a pH value that shall be over 4.5.
It fixes itself into the leather after acidification with formic acid or by addition of chrome salts into to bath at the end of the retannage process.
ALFASIN Z impairs grain thigthtness and fullness into the most spongy parts of the leather.

USES Application:

ALFASIN Z can be applied either after neutralization or/and during the retannage step together with other products.
Quantities to be used depend on the type of article required. The indicative percentage to be employed ranges from 2 to 4%.

Chemical-physical properties of the product have been determined in accordance with internal procedures by methods of analysis provided by national and / or internationally recognized standards. The information contained in this data sheet is based on our current knowledge. Given the multiplicity of factors that can influence the processing and use of our products, it is the responsibility of the customer to carry out its part tests and controls.
We cannot endorse any responsibility consequent to an incorrect use of the product.